Russian males and females tend to be attractive, interesting, and exotic dates which can be quickly found online or in person. It’s easy to be enchanted by all of them, but like anytime you attempt online dating sites, you have to be cautious of fraudsters. Online dating sites, especially when you are considering Russians, has plenty to think about and many safety measures that must be taken to be certain to never drop victim to a cruel, damaging romance fraud. In this post, we discuss Russian love scams in more detail.

Talking about Russian Romance Scams

Every 12 months, over 15,000 reports of romance cons tend to be recorded, plus one on the nations this is certainly most highly included is Russia. Forbes Magazine has actually observed that nearly $250 million has become scammed out of the pouches of upbeat internet based daters of the fraudulence accounts, and crisis just gets far worse as time goes. Russia specifically is guilty of this plan.

The majority of online dating sites cons result from spots like Nigeria or other western African nations, but Russia has come to relax and play a large part during the world, specially lately. Russian fraudsters have a tendency to target guys generally, but there have been reports of females getting scammed by these Russian tricksters besides.

The impact that any on-line relationship con has on somebody is actually long-lasting and extremely detrimental. Whilst not all-russian online dating sites or Russian both women and men tend to be over to provide, and you need ton’t assume thus, it is vital to protect your self through the probability of it happening to you by studying just what these scams are, the reason why they occur, and the ways to stop it.

Precisely why Romance frauds Happen From Russia

Russia could be the biggest nation in the arena. Because of the petroleum market, it’s not a country that deals with a lot of impoverishment, like Nigeria along with other countries that relationship scams usually originate from. However, it still seems to have a number of frauds, and relationship scams are typical.

Why is this? It’s difficult to say what it is that
compels men and women to lay and deceive on the internet and hurt others, just a few knowledgeable
guesses can be produced. Just be sure to remain nonjudgmental of Russians overall, and
do not lump the entire population with each other as devious fraudsters.

Like many elements of Eastern European countries, Russia is extremely technologically advanced and talented. An average Russian is excellent with computer systems in addition to net, perhaps way more than many other nations in which fraudsters originate from. Their usage of computer systems plus the internet normally much more readily available, and internet censorship is not since severe as other parts of asia nearby.

There is a large amount of Russian-based customers on certain more traditional relationship programs. Despite only 5per cent of Russians talking fluent English, there are lots of Russian accounts subscribed on Match, Zoosk, professional Singles, and other prominent services online for matchmaking and internet dating.

Have to know About Romance Scams

The FBI documented one of the more well-known
and severe love scams that occurred to a divorced US lady
in 2014-2016. Whilst not every story will be the same as this, it rings real for
a lot of victims of romance scams on the web, and possesses a tremendously useful training to
show whoever utilizes social media.

It absolutely was 2014 whenever the epidemic really begun
getting some grip being covered by news outlets, but it is still a huge
problem here today in 2019. The main thing to keep in mind would be that anyone could be a victim, anybody tends to be focused, and they
fraudsters may come from any on the web
social media marketing site.

Since 2015, an awful year for countless fraud
subjects, the number of love frauds online ended up being more than doubled. These
numbers reveal that the audience is only shedding this battle online. Although shame
should drop throughout the crooks within these circumstances, it’s the victim that
discovers on their own using duty for the problem.

You really have an obligation to yourself to be aware and cautious whenever online dating, and it is up to you to use the required steps to safeguard against love frauds. Even though it isn’t the fault when someone abuses the kindness and methods you, you will be your companion right here and say no.

Don’t assume all romance con is found on an important level like tales that hit the news. Some scammers you should not go out with the hopes of sucking out thousands, but instead will skip aside with just a few hundred under their gear and hop from target to focus on. They may start by seeking reasonable amounts, a couple hundred or 1000, after which move up to bigger demands when they see you’re prepared to «help» all of them.

How can Russian Romance Scams Work

Scammers are located in a number of various
stories and reports, nevertheless appears that the Russian method stays fairly similar
between reports. These fraudsters pose as stunning, young, enticing ladies on
internet dating reports and focus on the bleeding, depressed minds.

Unfortunately, everything see is really various
from what you’ll get. Behind those pictures generally sits a person, or a couple, utilizing
falsified photos and stories to swindle their cash from your budget.

Widely Known Style Of Russian
Dating Scam

First, they’re lovely and sweet, softening
showering their prey with praise and affection.

Next the scammer will quickly include little sob
stories to greatly help adjust the situation. Maybe they usually have a poor home life, or
missing work, or an ex is searching all of them. Quickly the discussion will evolve
into the fraudsters speaing frankly about dealing with their victim, anywhere these are generally.
This is actually the best open door into requesting cash for a VISA or eco-friendly card.

This of Russian love fraud is actually commonly
identified the Russian Bride Swindle. Men are largely the target of
it, but it may go both methods and periodically really does. The entire concept and plot of
this con will be change the prey into dropping in love adequate to send huge
quantities of cash to cover flight tickets, VISA programs, and other things
pertaining to crossing the length therefore the bride can come «home», without any
aim of actually doing so.

As soon as cash is guaranteed within the scammer’s membership, they frequently disappear and leave no trace, since every little thing ended up being artificial about them in any event. After that, it is to the after that target.

Other Russian Romance Scams

Not all on line frauds always utilize the bride con
strategy, particularly when targeting and bringing in females. As an alternative, they have a
bit more crafty and devious within their lies. As they start to angle the web,
you can begin observe some discrepancies and repetition within tales.

Added popular scamming reports that Russian users usually use when using the horror of impoverishment or the importance of security. These scammers will encourage you that you’re the actual only real person who enables, and are at risk if you don’t.

At long last, you might experience the greater amount of uncommon con,
but still noteworthy, that takes on through to the language barrier between
English-speaking countries and Russia. A dating website individual know sufficient
English to get you interested, but abruptly let you know they want assistance
affording a translator, or English courses, or something like that else along those

Will you be Vulnerable To Getting Scammed by a Russian?

Perhaps you have wondered any time you match the profile of
becoming focused by scammers? Russian scams usually give attention to a particular
demographic and set of conduct, when you address yes to the of those questions, you may be vulnerable to getting

Several of these facets shouldn’t be helped, such as your income or your actual age, but it is best that you be familiar with this anyway. Nevertheless, there are some things can be done to safeguard your self against getting targeted by fraudsters.

Would you Be a Victim Of A Russian Romance Swindle?! 

It is important that you perform a fast back ground check up on who you really are actually talking to online (you may do that here). The most popular questions that pop into your head are:

To assist the people with this website we now have combined with BeenVerified in order to check always exactly that. This verifying service discloses everything concerning this will be relationship scammer if in case these are typically a real person!

Helpful tips On BeenVerified:

If you have the slightest doubt about who you are speaking toâ?¦ Please utilize this service!


What To Look Out For With Online
Russian Dating

you mustn’t give up Russian matchmaking just because there are some liars within the blend. You’d be missing out on several of the most remarkable, intelligent, and delightful individuals in the world! If Russians tend to be your chosen taste, take a supplementary action or two to simply help protect the heart and bank account, and diving inside.

With some effortless rules, you can avoid being
scammed, plus getting a target for scams. These 4 straightforward instructions, if
implemented any time you meet somebody on the web, certainly are the difference between
heartache and soulmate.

1. stick to the dating website for interaction.

Russian scammers don’t want an application monitoring their approach, as well as hate leaving an easily used report walk, also practically. If you should be becoming scammed, they will quickly you will need to get contact info, often around the first few emails. This is your own current email address. If someone else you have just started speaking with tries to convince one leave the software for more interaction, you’re probably becoming scammed.

2. Keep your earnings private

Many men and women believe that offering about their
rich position in culture gets all of them a lot more interest. Well, you would not end up being completely wrong, but it isn’t often the sorts of
attention you would like. Aside from bringing in low gold-diggers and glucose
infants, you’re top individual for a scammer to focus on. When someone on the web
starts asking questions regarding how much cash you will be making, the internet really worth, and sometimes even about
those things you buyâ?¦ get on large alert. Those are extremely questionable concerns!

3. Inquire.

Since fraudsters allow a task to lay to as many individuals as you are able to, their particular internautas are usually superficial and obscure. Their particular scary tales to obtain funds are regurgitated and stale, and little effort has gone in their own backstory and fake character. Even a few of the most quick concerns will allow you to see whether you are becoming scammed. Generally, a Russian romance scammer will stay away from answering personal concerns, and consistently moving the dialogue right back onto you.

4. Never ever send money.

Of training course, when someone you are conversing with using the internet
nevertheless’ve never ever came across directly requests for cash, perform maybe not deliver it! Genuine on line daters wouldn’t imagine asking a stranger
for the money. Occasionally, a scammer is so good with terms, their prey proposes to
deliver money without needing to end up being expected. If someone else you’re flirting with
web begins to grumble about economic issues, never make an effort to help them by
make payment on statement concerned. This is the way they produce, and this money don’t
actually ever be came back.

These may seem like no-brainer principles, however if everybody adopted all of them, dozens of frauds would have never ever happened. So many people are tricked effortlessly and hear their own cardiovascular system over their own head.

How Exactly To Combat Russian
Romance Scams

When using online dating platforms on line, it is advisable to only use safe, secured organizations with a good reputation and a honest member base. Joining on a secure Russian dating website will be the simplest way in order to avoid obtaining scammed plus heart-broken and bank-account exhausted.

In the event you you will be getting scammed, or happen scammed before, or experience it down the road, always report the liar on line right away to protect your self and others.

Additionally, be sure to perform an easy background check to be certain you may be talking with the best person on the web. We advice BeenVerified solution.

Wrap Up

Russian relationship scams can be found on any variety of
site, and they’ren’t unusual. Becoming a victim or target of a Russian fraud
profile is frightening, sometimes truly devastatingâ?¦ but this informative guide is here now to assist.
This might be an avoidable problem.

Men, it’s the perfect time you heard the reality. As much as your own gf says she really loves you, there are so many things you do this she dislike. If you actually want to drive your lover insane, here are three surefire tactics to do so. But if you’d like to increase relationship, there are a few recommendations and solutions for all frustrating behaviors.

1. You should not talk.

Most males would rather abstain from having very long, significant talks, and most females often raise up those lengthy, important speaks right after video game begins. Whenever she’s got one thing crucial that you mention as well as the Gators tend to be playing Alabama, get an extra through the online game to inquire about the lady nicely to carry on the discussion during advertisements or halftime in order to damage. Make fully sure you get the purpose across that you recognize how she’s experience and you need to get a hold of a solution, also.

If concern is about a battle from additional time, then she should always be happy to delay for several several hours. But ensure you answer their. Totally shutting down once girlfriend is attempting to own a serious conversation along with you will not get interest to the overall game every quicker. Tune in to what this lady has to state. If it is on a daily basis with no online game and she only needs to vent, you shouldn’t disrupt or tell her what she must do. She only demands you to definitely realize where she is from.


«As much as your behaviors drive her

insane, hers drive you merely as insane.»

2. Do not clean after yourself.

Most of that time the girlfriend doesn’t care about performing good circumstances obtainable like cleansing your own clothing or walking your pet. But kindness can in the course of time change into resentment whether or not it looks like you are taking advantage of her kindness. It’s easy to get into a comfort area and let her fit everything in for you personally, but begin making an effort to aid her out even more. Present to put the dishes away or wipe-off the countertop once you make a sandwich. You heard this countless times but helping also includes recalling to place the toilet chair down. Should you decide fork out a lot of the time at the woman destination, it really is especially important to admire the woman room. Easy modifications will show the woman you might be considering this lady requirements.

3. Avoid being definitive.

At the start of the majority of connections, men carry out a lot of the time preparing. You ask their around, decide the best place to take the girl and typically start the next go out. But as relationships advancement, comfort set in and guys have a tendency to slack on those special evenings collectively. Yes, it will take two to keep the spice moving in your dating life. However if she requires, «precisely what do you want to do this evening?» and your feedback whenever is, «I’m not sure. Exactly what do for you to do?» it’s time and energy to move it up. Females should not make every choice. If she chooses which cafe to eat at that night, then you pick the after dinner task or which movie the thing is.

Ladies is generally confusing â?? about a minute you want to coddle the men while the after that we need to chew up all of them aside for making their particular sneakers putting around. And also as much as your habits drive her insane, hers drive you merely as insane. This is the benefit of relationships. You need to accept the woman annoying practices and damage on your own website. Tell you a regular weekend in your mind to see if you will find areas you can easily improve on. In the end, a happy sweetheart implies a happier date.

There are a lot of items that people think about when choosing who currently, and something of these situations is the individuals career or work. You ought to be mindful with what your romantic companion does for a living since approximately you avoid it, it will probably impact you particularly if you end in a long lasting connection. These is a failure of what you can count on whenever online discreet dating people from numerous occupations:

Factors to understand when online dating different pros

1. Compatibility

When looking for a dating companion, you will want a person who works with you. Their job shouldn’t be a significant hurdle in your union. For-instance, when your lover’s work always has them traveling throughout the world while you are left wishing at home, they may not the only available.

2. Opportunity

you ought to date somebody whose job cannot have them from you when you really need them. Some jobs could keep your partner so filled which they never have time for you to actually go out on a date. Your schedules may also be once and for all mismatched that makes it challenging produce time each additional. As an example, any time you work at evening, it may be hard to maintain a relationship with a partner who is only free through the night.

3. Funds

however, the cash problem needs to need to be considered particularly when circumstances begin getting severe. The amount of money some body can make determines the kind of existence you’ll be able to build with all of them. Often it is a package breaker particularly when the person is certainly not making enough to look after requirements or when a female is actually creating significantly more than the man.

4. Wavelength

especially situations, you ought to date somebody you relate with. Someone that knows you. Somebody you could have deep, important conversations with. Sometimes it is generally hard to relate to some one through their profession.

A. What to anticipate when matchmaking an individual in Tech

The tech globe has arrived lively in earlier times couple of years so there are numerous people employed in a. As such, avoid being surprised if you satisfy some people who do work inside tech company. But, before internet dating them, here’s what you must know;

1. They’re smart

Most people who do work in technology are highly intelligent and now have invested years at school mastering hard. Chances are you’ll understand all of them as geeks or nerds. They understand most things concerning the technology market including the most recent systems, how-to do certain things, alongside interesting situations various other industries. They are usually interested in learning everything and you can truly find out a whole lot from their website. But if you aren’t wise like all of them, you are likely to struggle to keep discussions together with them when you won’t comprehend the majority of things that come out of their mouth area.

2. They truly are well-off

The tech industry is currently the largest in this field. Look at the best businesses; Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Bing and others. All are in tech. As a result, you can expect your sweetheart or gf need lots of money, and the majority of likely more than you if you are not in tech sector. If you value monetary safety, matchmaking a tech guy or girl is the way to go.

3. They know tips fix situations

a regular modern house is full of devices like phones, tablets, computer systems, smart house systems, and others. First, your partner’s home will probably have got all current technology almost everywhere you appear. Additionally, they will be able to correct situations when they break-down. For-instance, in the event the pc is actually attacked by a virus, your own geeky sweetheart or girlfriend might understand of a few ways to get reduce all of them.

4. Their schedules can be tight sometimes

technical companies vary. Some have actually a huge workload although some are far more comfortable. Simply how much free time your spouse reaches invest along with you hinges on in which it works when you look at the tech sector. They generally may disappear completely for several days when handling some kind of special tasks.

5. They win most arguments

as previously mentioned previous, folks in tech usually are smarter than many when they enter an argument, there is a top opportunity that they will win. Their own arguments tend to be backed by science and analysis and they’re typically correct. This is annoying for many of us.

B. What to anticipate when online dating some body when you look at the construction industry

the development market hires hundreds of thousands throughout blue-collar and white-collar jobs. This is what you could expect whenever internet dating somebody in building:

1. Opportunity

the development industry is frantic. Should your spouse works when you look at the construction business, might probably be active oftentimes when they are doing have free time, they’re going to probably be too tired to even imagine you at the time. Random midweek dates should be a rare thing with a construction individual.

2. Money

How much a building worker can make depends on the sort of task they actually do at the building site. Whether your partner is an engineer, they probably make serious cash. On the other hand, if your partner really does hands-on work like woodworking, holding construction components, along with other comparable jobs, they probably make near the minimum-wage.

3. They’re not wise

just ten percent or a reduced amount of the individuals who work at construction web sites went along to college. The majority of development tasks require no knowledge. Your lover might not be the wisest guy in every room visit. They may struggle to keep intelligent discussions and their degree of reasoning is as well reduced individually.

4. Hygiene

building internet sites are actually filthy whenever your lover really does the tough tasks, they are going to usually come back residence all filthy and sweaty. Their expectations of hygiene are often many below yours. For many, it is not an issue but most men and women cannot remain it.

5. Hardworking

Construction tasks need a stronger and hardworking person particularly those who include heavy-lifting and lots of hands-on work. Since your spouse is used to it, they’ll certainly be hardworking various other places and.

6. They understand just how to correct things

A person who operates at a building site will know ideas on how to fix several things in your home.

7. Work is dangerous

development sites have actually most dangers and it is possible that your partner should come home with injuries from work very often. In acute cases, it could be even worse.

C. What to anticipate when dating somebody in public places solution

Public service encompasses numerous professions such as police, firefighters, registered nurses, and many others. Some tips about what to expect when internet dating some body inside the community industry:

1. Energy

Most jobs in public places solution have actually fixed schedules that run during family-friendly hrs. A lot of them additionally run from Monday to Friday aided by the vacations cost-free. However, a number of them particularly law enforcement and firefighters might not have repaired schedules along with your lover might be known as in abruptly if you have an urgent situation.

2. Money

Many government jobs shell out sufficient to offer a standard middle-class existence. Cannot anticipate him or her for big money to afford a flashy way of living. However, public-service tasks have countless perks and benefits such entry to financial loans, retirement advantages, among others your private market may not have so there’s one thing to smile about in the event the union gets significant.

3. Respect

People that work in individuals market command many regard from other government workers therefore the community typically. Such as, whether your companion is a police policeman or firefighter, most people which understand will have respect for all of them for it.

4. Some tasks are hazardous

Some public-service tasks like firefighters, look and recovery teams, and police can put your partner in hazardous circumstances that may induce incidents or even worse.

D. What to anticipate when dating a person who works best for the federal government

1. Time

a government individual will most likely have lots of leisure time to blow along with you being that they are generally working throughout the day and free throughout vacations. In addition they get a specific amount of paid holiday breaks per year.

2. Cash

national jobs are well-paying and additionally they generally have most advantages besides. Your partner are likely to make adequate to afford good times and a pleasant way of living if you live collectively.

3. Worry amount

Government jobs are in no way tense in comparison to personal sector tasks. Even if the workload is high, government staff normally have more time and energy to take action and the majority less stress off their superiors. Federal government jobs supply even more security leading to less anxiety as well. With less anxiety from work, they’re more happy.

Last word

You might think no matter initially, however your matchmaking lover’s job has an effect on many things inside connection. You need to find some one whose job will not adversely affect your own relationship but makes it much better.

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¿Cómo elegir un proyecto de vivienda en Bogotá?

Elegir un proyecto de vivienda en Bogotá es una de las decisiones más importantes en la vida de cada persona, además significa una importante inversión económica por lo que no suele ser una decisión que se tome a la ligera, requiere de investigación de múltiples variables que se ajusten a ese hogar perfecto con el que usted soñó. Para ayudarlo en esa toma de decisión queremos dejarle algunas recomendaciones que debe tener en cuenta para elegir el proyecto indicado. 

  1. Zona y ubicación: 

Elegir una buena ubicación le permitirá agilizar las labores de su día a día, calcule cuánto se demora en llegar a su trabajo, qué tan fácil es llegar a una vía principal y si hay cerca hospitales, centros de policía y demás establecimientos que podría necesitar. Respecto a la ubicación recuerde averiguar qué tan segura es la zona y si se sentirá cómodo viviendo allí. 

Un ejemplo de una buena ubicación es Living 122, un proyecto de la Constructora Baus, el cual se encuentra en una exclusiva zona de la capital como lo es el barrio Santa Bárbara, en cercanías del centro comercial Unicentro, con vías de acceso cercanas como la Autopista Norte y la Calle 127.

proyecto de vivienda en Bogotá
  1. Facilidades de financiación: 

Al ser una gran inversión deberá consultar qué proyecto le brinda facilidades de financiación que se ajusten a sus necesidades. Con Baus, las facilidades y formas de financiar su proyecto de vivienda en Bogotá son muy accesibles porque la constructora está comprometida con que sus clientes conviertan el sueño de un hogar en realidad, obsequiando un bono de $10.000.000 para que tomes la decisión y vivas en Living 122.


  1. Zonas sociales: 

Aunque hace algunos años las zonas sociales eran una adición a lo que ofrecía los proyectos de vivienda en Bogotá, ahora son una necesidad, y estas corresponden al estilo de vida del comprador. Por ejemplo: si usted es un amante del deporte, buscará un proyecto que tenga un gimnasio dentro de sus instalaciones. 


Living 122 por su lado incluye dentro de sus zonas sociales: 


  • Salón social 

  • Fitness rooftop

  • Rooftop Lounge

  • Terraza BBQ

  • Bicicleteros con punto de carga

construccion sostenible en colombia
  1. Distribución y tamaño de los proyectos de vivienda en Bogotá

Estas características corresponden más que todo a un gusto personal, pero aconsejamos acercarse a un proyecto que tenga varias opciones, así no debe quedarse anclado a una sola alternativa, sino que puede explorar cuál es la que más se ajusta a sus necesidades. 


La constructora Baus tiene múltiples proyectos en Living 122 con diferente distribución y tamaño que va desde los 50.83m2 hasta los 92.87m2. 

proyecto de vivienda en Bogotá
  1. Soluciones sostenibles: 

Antes no era importante buscar proyectos de vivienda en Bogotá con soluciones amigables con el medio ambiente, pero hoy con una sociedad más consciente de sus comportamientos, es importante buscar proyectos que tengan alternativas responsables ambientalmente. 

Living 122 ofrece dos alternativas ecológicas: 

  • Diseño para sistema de captación de aguas lluvia 

  • Uso de tecnología led en luminaria y aprovechamiento de luz natural. 

Con estos consejos esperamos que usted tenga más claridad a la hora de buscar un proyecto de vivienda en Bogotá, además lo invitamos a conocer el proyecto Living 122 de Constructora Baus la cual cumple con cada uno de los requisitos enumerados en este artículo. 

Conoce más de Living 122: 

Conoce otros de los proyectos de Baus: 

¿Cómo conseguir un buen financiamiento en la compra de vivienda?

Al comprar casa propia muchos optan por financiar su vivienda, es por eso que te entregamos algunas recomendaciones que facilitarán tu proceso de obtención de un crédito de compra de vivienda


  1. Informate sobre los requisitos de compra de vivienda: 

Los requisitos dependen de cada entidad financiera por lo que es importante que consultes con anterioridad qué documentos serán necesarios para su trámite.

Compra de vivienda

2. Identifica cuánto te pagará el banco:

para buscar un proyecto a tu medida identifica hasta cuánto dinero está dispuesto de prestarte el banco, así también podrás identificar cuánto deberás pagar de cuota inicial, si hay subsidios. 

3. Averigua sobre las tasas de interés:

Las tasas de interés para compra de vivienda en cada entidad financiera son diferentes por lo que debes buscar aquella que más te favorezca.

Compra de vivienda

4. Busca beneficios adicionales:

Busca proyectos que tengan beneficios adicionales para disminuir tu carga financiera. Por ejemplo, la Constructora Baus en su proyecto 127 Park ofrece beneficios de financiamiento para sus compradores y solicita el 30% o 20% según el banco para el leasing habitacional. 


Te invitamos a conocer el proyecto 127 Park y todas las ventajas que ofrece para la compra de vivienda: 

Conoce más proyectos:

Apartamentos Bogotá: ¿por qué invertir en la zona norte?

¿Por qué muchas personas ven las mejores oportunidades al invertir en apartamentos Bogotá en la zona norte? ¡Aquí te lo contaremos!

En primer lugar, uno de los principales sueños de las personas es poder contar con su propia vivienda, ya sea casa o apartamento y todavía más si es en Bogotá, una de las ciudad más atractivas y completas de Colombia. 


Pero no solo se trata de buscar invertir en apartamentos Bogotá, sino también en elegir una zona estratégica, que te permita estar cerca de todo el comercio que necesitas, que además sea segura y que te permita vivir con tranquilidad. El norte de la ciudad, es el sector propicio para encontrar todo lo que buscas.

Apartamentos Bogotá


  • Los proyectos que se ubican en esta zona privilegiada de la ciudad, son más seguros y brindan mejor calidad de vida. De igual manera, los habitantes encuentran zonas para el entretenimiento, centros comerciales, tiendas exclusivas y áreas para disfrutar caminatas. 

  • Tendrás la ventaja de contar con excelentes vías de acceso que conectan con hospitales, universidades, colegios y más lugares que proporcionan bienestar. 

  • Los apartamentos Bogotá que se ubican en la zona norte, cuentan con diseños y acabados de lujo en su construcción. 

  • Te puedes ganar la valorización del proyecto gracias a la ubicación, los acabados, las zonas sociales, entre otras.

¿Sabías que en el norte de la capital encuentras una variada oferta de venta de apartamentos Bogotá con espacios diseñados para satisfacer las necesidades, estilos de vida y gustos de quienes van a invertir? 


Te hablaremos de 127 Park, un nuevo proyecto de apartamentos en Calleja Alta con vista al Country Club y a pocas cuadras del centro comercial Unicentro. Excelente ubicación para quienes buscan invertir.

Acompáñanos a hacer un recorrido virtual por 127 Park para que te enamores


En 127 Park encuentras apartamentos Bogotá amigables con el medio ambiente. Un proyecto ecológico que cuenta con sistema de captación de agua lluvia para uso doméstico, con estufas de inducción y calentadores de paso eléctrico eficientes.

Y apartamentos de 2 y de 3 alcobas, con acabados premium, únicos en el sector. 

Apartamentos Bogotá

¡Tenemos apartamentos listos para entrega inmediata desde $637.000.000*.
*Precio puede variar sin previo aviso y está sujeto a disponibilidad de inmueble. 

Descarga aquí la presentación del proyecto para conocer más detalles.

¿Estás preparado para hacer una buena inversión que asegurará tu futuro? 

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Proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en Bogotá: Living 122, tu mejor opción


¿Buscando proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en Bogotá?

Te damos la bienvenida a Living 122 y te daremos cada detalle de por qué deberías invertir aquí.

Empecemos hablando de su ubicación estratégica y privilegiada. Se encuentra en el norte de Bogotá en sector Santa Bárbara, una de las zonas más apetecidas por las personas que buscan invertir en vivienda en la capital. 
Este magnífico proyecto se encuentra ubicado en la Calle 122 No. 19A-06, en el con comercio exclusivo a pocas cuadras, parque a pocos pasos y un perfil urbano moderno.

¿Cuáles son los establecimientos comerciales de más alto nivel que encontrarás? 


  • Cóctel del Mar. 

  • Wok.

  • Crepes and Waffles.

  • Unicentro. 

  • Carulla. 

  • Mcdonald ‘s.

  • Banco BBV.A 

  • Banco de Bogotá. 

  • Bancolombia.

  • Yanuba.

  • Transmilenio.

  • Droguería Colsubsidio.


Proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en bogota


Living 122, uno de los proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en Bogotá en el que muchos anhelan vivir: 

En Living 122 encontrarás confortables apartamentos de 1 y 2 alcobas con áreas desde 50 m2 a 90 m2 con parqueadero incluido y acabados de lujo. 

Y lo mejor es que es un edificio amigable con el medio ambiente, en el que encontrarás un sistema de captación de aguas lluvias convirtiendo tu hogar en un proyecto ecológico.

Por otro lado, el edificio cuenta con tecnología LED para favorecer el ahorro de energía.


proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en bogota


Disfruta de sus zonas sociales que te sacan de la rutina y te relajas:

Living 122, es uno de los proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en Bogotá con zonas de esparcimiento que mejorarán tu calidad de vida y te brindarán el descanso que realmente necesitas. 


  •  Salón social para disfrutar de tus reuniones a la altura que mereces. 

  • Terraza BBQ para que le des estatus a tus eventos con la mejor vista y al aire libre. 

  • Rooftop lounge para desconectarte, relajarte, meditar y darte un respiro. 

  • Fitness  rooftop para ejercitarte con entrenamiento funcional, TRX o yoga al aire libre.

proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en bogota

Si quieres conocer de primera mano a Living 122, te invitamos a hacer un recorrido por el edificio y descubrir tú mismo por qué es uno de los mejores proyectos de apartamentos nuevos en Bogotá donde todos quieren vivir. HAZ CLIC AQUÍ. 

Encuentras apartamentos desde $455.000.000*.
*Precios con modificación sin previo aviso y sujeto a disponibilidad.

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Comprar Apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá



Lograr una elección correcta en el momento de hacer una compra inmobiliaria es un reto pues hay muchas opciones de calidad en el mercado.


Conoce Baus 127 Park: más detalles de este increíble proyecto aquí. 


Hacerlo de forma adecuada se basa en lograr una sumatoria de elecciones correctas que tengan en cuenta tres factores básicos:


·         Ubicación

·         Costo-beneficio

·         Valorización


Ubicación: 127 Park está ubicado en la Calle 127A 17a-74, sector exclusivo de Bogotá. Que cuenta con accesos privilegiados a:


·         Centros comerciales

·         Clínicas

·         Comercios

·         Ciclorrutas


Todo a menos de 15 minutos de distancia. Siendo uno de los sectores más tranquilos y seguros del nororiente de Bogotá. Ubicado en el Barrio Calleja Alta con vista directa al Country Club en Bogotá y a pocas cuadras del Centro Comercial Unicentro.

Apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá

Costo-beneficio: 127 Park ofrece apartamentos de 2 y 3 alcobas con precios desde $637 millones de pesos que te permitirá acceder a:

·         Sauna y gimnasio

·         Terraza BBQ

·         Zona de lectura- lounge

·         Salón social

·         Sala de negocios

·         Sala teatrino

Sus acabados ofrecen lo mejor de la arquitectura contemporánea:

·         Estufas de inducción de alta eficiencia marca TEKA Europea.

·         Campanas extractoras italianas marca FABER.

·         Puertas de seguridad en acabado melamínico con cerradura italiana.

·         Mesones de cocinas en Quartztone blanco de alto brillo.

·         Cocinas y closets marca MILESTONE en acabado poliuretano blanco mate y melamina de alta calidad.

·         Griferías Price Pfister de Black & Decker con garantía 10 años

·         Porcelanatos españoles en pisos de cocina y baños ATTMOSFERAS


Usamos iluminación LED en todo el edificio. Recuerda que el consumo energético se reduce en más del 50% entre LED vs bombillas convencionales.

Al tomar cada una de los acabados y las ventajas arquitectónicas o de espacios sociales que ofrece 127 Park el costo-beneficio de esta inversión más la ubicación, tendrás como resultado que una inversión de alto valor.

Valorización: el conjunto de ventajas que te estamos mostrando logran que 127 Park sea una forma de inversión para tu futuro, pues el sector, las ventajas arquitectónicas, sumado al diseño, tranquilidad y accesibilidad de este proyecto permitirá que se valorice cada año. 

Ya tienes toda la información necesaria para elegir vivir en la mejor zona al norte de Bogotá, disfruta de uno de los mejores proyectos de apartamentos en el norte de Bogotá. 

Baus 127 Park le da bienestar a tu vida

Invierte en tu futuro 

Vive en la mejor zona en el norte de Bogotá

Realiza un recorrido virtual y conoce más detalles de este increíble proyecto aquí. 

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Living 122: Los mejores Apartamentos en Santa Bárbara

Vivir en una zona exclusiva de Bogotá no es una ambición imposible de cumplir. Puedes hacer una revisión de los Apartamentos en Santa Bárbara y comparar

Esto es posible y en este blog te contamos los beneficios de invertir en esta zona al norte de Bogotá, donde se encuentra el proyecto Living 122

Este magnífico proyecto se encuentra ubicado en la Calle 122 No. 19A-06 con comercio exclusivo a pocas cuadras, parque a pocos pasos y un perfil urbano moderno.

Tendremos en total 30 apartamentos de 1 y 2 alcobas, con áreas desde 50 a 92m2. Sus zonas comunes brindan comodidad, exclusividad y sostenibilidad, reciclamos el agua lluvia.

Apartamentos en Santa Bárbara

Habitar en el norte de Bogotá

El norte de la capital de Colombia es uno de los sectores con mayor crecimiento real y potencial del país. Es un sector que se renueva al tiempo que mantiene en ciertos lugares de arquitectura tradicional logrando conjugar lo nuevo y lo clásico.

Esto sumado a la cantidad de avenidas que atraviesan esta parte de la ciudad la hacen increíblemente atractiva para invertir y vivir.

Parques, grandes centros comerciales y comercios de todo tipo hacen parte de la oferta que podrás encontrar en Living 122.

“Invierte bien y para ganar, invierte en Living 122”


Invertir en el norte de Bogotá

Si eres un inversionista, debes buscar altos rendimientos y una liquidez decente en tu inversión. Y cuando se trata de inversiones inmobiliarias, no hay mejor opción que el norte de Bogotá.

Eso es porque es una de las ciudades más grandes de América: solo Nueva York y Ciudad de México son más grandes que Bogotá.

Es verdaderamente una ciudad de clase mundial.

Es el destino urbano más importante de la región para todo lo relacionado con el aparato gubernamental, las finanzas, así como las corporaciones internacionales.

Como tal, atrae tanto a locales como a extranjeros. Y todos necesitarán un lugar para vivir si quieren alquilar su propiedad en Bogotá.

Eso deja muchas de las buenas ofertas en Bogotá para que las explore y las aproveche. ¿Y por qué deberías? Porque ahora es el momento perfecto.


Apartamentos en Santa Bárbara

Descripción de Living 122

Los residentes cuentan con áreas construidas desde 50 metros cuadrados hasta 92m². La totalidad del proyecto es de 30 apartamentos. Además tendrás a tu servicio: 

  • Terraza BBQ

  • Rooftop Lounge 

  • Salón Social 

  • Fitness rooftop

  • Captación de aguas lluvia

  •  Acabados Premium


Zonas comunes que brindan comodidad, exclusividad y sostenibilidad eco sostenible en la que se reutiliza el agua lluvia para uso doméstico.  Realiza un recorrido virtual y conoce más detalles de este increíble proyecto aquí.

Apartamentos en Santa Bárbara


Invierte en apartamentos en santa bárbara, precios desde solo  $455.000.000.



Para más información sobre este proyecto, solicita la llamada a uno de nuestros asesores haciendo clic aquí.  Estamos dispuestos a brindarte asesoría personalizada para la compra de tu apartamento.

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                               Apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá, cerca de los mejores lugares de interés en la zona

Cuando buscamos un lugar para vivir y cumplir nuestro sueño de tener vivienda propia, son muchas las cosas en las hay que pensar, por ejemplo, los espacios, acabados y sobre todo la ubicación,  si estás buscando apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá esta información es para ti, quédate hasta el final y descubre Baus 127 Park, un proyecto cerca de los mejores lugares de interés de la zona. 

Apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá

Tu apartamento cerca de los mejores lugares de interés en la zona.

Vivir en el norte de la ciudad es una de las mejores decisiones, cuando de elegir vivienda se trata, las ventajas al vivir en una zona estratégica se traducen en salud y bienestar. Dado que la ubicación estratégica de la zona permite acortar distancias de transporte y mantener un estilo de vida moderno, cerca de todo. 

Por esta razón, los apartamentos en el norte de Bogotá son muy demandados y la búsqueda es cada vez más difícil, sin embargo hoy te presentamos un proyecto que integra todo lo que necesitas en un solo lugar. Baus 127 Park es un proyecto que gracias a sus acabados, espacios y ubicación se consolida como uno de los mejores proyectos de apartamentos en el norte de Bogotá. 

Apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá

¡Conoce su ubicación! 

Baus 127 Park es un proyecto de apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá que cuenta con avenidas y calles que permiten el desplazamiento dentro del sector de forma rápida, además que está cerca de clínicas, centros comerciales, colegios y parques. Algunos de los lugares de interés de la zona son: 

Country Club : El  Country Club es un lugar exclusivo de esparcimiento que se caracteriza por ser un lugar donde se pueden realizar actividades al aire libre, respirar aire puro y practicar deportes, esto gracias a la extensión de terrenos verdes y de bosques internos.

Centro comercial unicentro: Es el centro comercial más grande y completo de la zona, en este espacio encuentras un gran número de marcas y espacios para la diversión, el ocio y el entretenimiento. 

Clinica CAFAM Santa Bárbara: Este es un centro médico especializado que se ubica en la Calle 127 #16ª – 27, ofrece una gran variedad de servicios médicos especializados como  Institución hospitalaria para atención mixta, especialistas en neonatología , pediatría y cirugía pediátrica y especialidades médico quirúrgicos para adultos

Además podrás disfrutar de diferentes espacios públicos como cicloruta y diversos planes sociales dado que en la zona se ubican distintos restaurantes, bares y mucho más. 

Tu mejor opción de apartamentos en el norte de Bogotá, es  Baus 127 Park.

En Baus 127 Park los espacios y acabados hacen parte del gran atractivo de este conjunto de apartamentos, desde solo  $617 millones de pesos puedes tener 2 y 3 alcobas. 

Apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá

Baus 127 Park te entrega acabados premium, únicos como: 

  • Apartamentos con diseño arquitectónico que maximiza el uso de iluminación natural. Reflejan amplitud y claridad en sus ambientes. 
  • Estufas de inducción de alta eficiencia marca TEKA Europea. 
  • Campanas extractoras italianas marca FABER.
  • Puertas de seguridad en acabado melamínico con cerradura italiana. 
  • Mesones de cocinas en Quartztone blanco de alto brillo. 
  • Cocinas y closets marca MILESTONE en acabado poliuretano blanco mate y melamina de alta calidad. 
  • Griferias Price Pfister de Black & Decker con garantía 10 años
  • Porcelanatos españoles en pisos de cocina y baños ATTMOSFERAS
  • Baños de alcoba totalmente enchapados en muros y piso.

Apartamentos en el Norte de Bogotá

Ya tienes toda la información necesaria para elegir vivir en la mejor zona al norte de Bogotá, disfruta de uno de los mejores proyectos de apartamentos en el norte de Bogotá. 

Baus 127 Park le da bienestar a tu vida

Invierte en tu futuro 

Vive en la mejor zona en el norte de Bogotá

Realiza un recorrido virtual y conoce más detalles de este increíble proyecto aquí. 

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